Möt våra medarbetare

Johanna Wendel

Production Leader, EDGE Factory, Husqvarna Group, Sweden
When I got the offer to join Husqvarna Group the choice was simple. Having recently taken my master in Management of Innovation and Business Development I saw Husqvarna Group as a company that would give me the opportunity to grow.

I moved to a city I had never been to before and where I didn’t know anyone. Since I took several courses abroad during my time at university, in Alabama, USA, Seoul, South Korea, and Shanghai, China, I wasn’t afraid of a new adventure. Three years on I have no plans to leave. I love doing what I do.

Sam Cherry

Operator, EDGE Factory, Husqvarna Group, Sweden
I joined Husqvarna Group four years ago to work at Edge*. Working in a brand new factory I realized that there would be challenges but also that this was a once in a lifetime experience, getting the opportunity to join a new team, start a new factory and participate in the development of Edge.

The best part about working here is the opportunity to work with competent and talented people, who I get to learn from every day. We started from scratch and now four years on we learn as we go and break new ground by continuously being creative and pushing the horizon of our own knowledge.

At Edge, we have set the bar high and there are great opportunities to contribute and be a part of a very exciting journey. *EDGE is our high-tech, cutting edge factory, in Huskvarna, Sweden. This is where we make our chainsaw chain, the X-Cut