Elof Hansson

MotivationElof Hansson styrs av en ledning som bryr sig om sina medarbetare och tillsammans med sin HR-avdelning skapar de en trygg arbetsplats. I en konkurrenskraftig bransch lyckas Elof Hansson uppnå hög attraktivitet som arbetsgivare, och därmed attrahera Sveriges talanger. De är även ett globalt företag som erbjuder sina medarbetare goda möjligheter att jobba utomlands vilket särskiljer Elof Hansson från andra arbetsgivare. Karriärföretagen utser härmed Elon Hansson till ett av Sveriges Karriärföretag 2021.

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A global trading company since 1897

The Elof Hansson Group conducts international trade in forest, industrial and consumer products across the world. We also invest in and develop real estate projects. Our roots go back to 1897, when the young merchant Elof Hansson started the company in Hamburg. His original business philosophy and “house rules” have been passed down from one generation of employees to the next and continue to drive the Elof Hansson Group of today and tomorrow. Read more about our history >>

Your career in an international environment

A career with the Elof Hansson Group offers you many interesting job challenges as well as opportunities todevelop your skills in an international environment.

Our future success depends on our employees’ ability to develop and seek out new business opportunities wherever they appear around the world. We want to have employees who take the initiative and who are stimulated by taking responsibility. At the same time, individual responsibility makes great demands on the individual’s judgment and competence in order to limit the risks and take advantage of the opportunities.

We can offer three major types of positions:

We are looking for well-educated people preferably with international experience. If you feel you have the right background and motivation to work with us, please click here to send in your application.


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