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MotivationGenom innovativa och kvalificerade medarbetare skapar Paradox Interactive en stark gemenskap i organisationen. Med stort engagemang och intresse för sina medarbetares utveckling ser vi att Paradox Onteractive arbetar fantastiskt framgångsrikt med Employer Branding.  Härmed uses Paradox Interactive till ett av Sveriges Karriärföretag 2020.  

Organisationens karriärsidor; information, kvalitet och dynamik
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Aktiviteter gentemot studenter och yrkesverksamma akademiker
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Närvaro och kvalité på social och digital media

We are Paradox

Have you ever wondered what it is like to work at Paradox Interactive? We think the best way to showcase what Paradox is all about is to let our people tell the story.

Our games are played by millions of players each month. We believe it is important to stay close to our players, and we achieve this through a range of different channels – developer diaries on our forums, live streams on Twitch and announcements and trailers on YouTube. If you’re interested in getting a glimpse into a normal day for a Paradoxian you can also check out our Life at Paradox instagram.

Over the years, we have released more than a hundred games and expansions and we currently have several active IPs that have been developed both internally and by third party studios across the world as a publisher. Paradox has been listed as a top mid-size publisher globally by Metacritic for several years and each year we have several games on the top 100 best-selling games on Steam.


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