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Two things are paramount when you choose who to work for – your boss and how you will develop. We are proud to have a good track record.

Kinnevik has a long history of developing talent. Some of the best known executives and entrepreneurs that started in this sphere are Niklas Zennström (founder of Skype), Mia Brunell (from one of MTG’s TV Channels to CEO of Kinnevik) as well as the founders of Spray, Razorfish, Lycos, Tradera (ebay) and King – in one way or another.

Qliro Group has continued this tradition. We allow an extraordinary amount of freedom to our employees and executives. We believe that, if you treat people as grown-ups, they will grow up. The Head of Development at Nelly began in Customer Service but was moved to development when we saw potential, and was allowed to flourish. The CEO’s of Furniturebox, Babyland and Nividas all began in the Group. Nividas – which sells fixed price, signature style glasses and sunglasses – use the Qliro payment solution, and thus complete the circle! Recent management trainees have taken places in our management teams. Our most recent management trainee is today Business Developer at our fashion tech subsidiary Nelly, where she reports directly to the CEO and leads the international expansion.

We are not afraid of losing people – we want people to come to us because it’s a great place to be. People develop here and go on to have great careers, either in our Group, in another Kinnevik company, or somewhere else entirely. We are as proud of our alumni as our current employees, and we want to keep in touch.