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When creating Sodexo in 1966, we made two major choices that are still the pillars of our strategy: Sodexo is and will remain a services company, Sodexo is and will remain an independent company.

Diverse career opportunities

With activities across 80 countries, with more than 100 professions in very diverse environments, Sodexo offers a vast array of opportunities.

Working with Sodexo is the opportunity to work in a fulfilling and stable environment. Our company is recognized throughout the world as a symbol of professionalism and dedication.

Individualized training

Our goal is to strengthen the employability of our people, including those who join us with few qualifications. In this regard, we have established numerous skills qualification training programs, such as ”professionalization periods,” accreditation programs that combine theory and practice and provide opportunities for professional certification. In 2010, 81% of employees benefited from a refresher course, an increase of more than 10% in one year.



”Sodexo är en attraktiv arbetsgivare och den 19:e största i världen. Våra framgångar hänger tätt samman med våra medarbetares kunnande, stolthet och tillfredsställelse. Vi vill behålla drivna medarbetare och erbjuder därför goda utvecklings- och karriärmöjligheter.”