MotivationTobii är ett spännande IT företag som är världsledande inom sin bransch, och kombinerat med sin starka företagskultur är Tobii ett av Sveriges mest spännande arbetsgivare. I deras externa kanaler kan vi tydligt tyda att medarbetarna har stor passion för sitt arbete och att de besitter hög kompetens. Detta är ett starkt kvitto på gediget rekryteringsarbete där HR och marknad tillsammans lyckats attrahera de allra bästa talangerna.

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We are Tobii

Working at Tobii means being at the heart of innovation. Here you get to work on really cool projects with passionate, knowledgeable and big-hearted colleagues from all around the world. We use technology to bring a voice to people with speech impairments, to understand human behavior and to revolutionize the way we interact with technology today.

We are proud to change whole industries as well as people’s lives. We’re focused on what we can accomplish together while realizing our dreams and being all that we can be. When we combine our efforts we are unstoppable, and we enjoy every minute of the ride.

We have a unique combination of cool tech and a big heart. What do you want to be?

The Tobii way
Tobii is an international company that nurtures a welcoming, friendly atmosphere and non-hierarchical mindset. In Europe, North America and Asia, we cultivate a culture where we all can be ourselves and anyone can talk to anyone, share thoughts and discuss new ideas. This creates an atmosphere where we are more work buddies than colleagues. And the same way that we care for each other on a personal level, the company cares for us as employees; offering work-life balance and great benefits. All this combined spurs career opportunities, innovative ideas and – equally important – fun at work.

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