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Modular FinanceFinans/Ekonomi/Juridik

MotivationModular Finance är en banbrytande arbetsgivare som utmärker sig genom sitt fokus på finansiell teknologi och innovativa lösningar. Med en passion för att förändra finansbranschen erbjuder företaget en inspirerande arbetsmiljö där medarbetare kan trivas och utvecklas. Den inkluderande företagskulturen och möjligheten till personlig och professionell tillväxt gör Modular Finance till ett attraktivt val för dem som strävar efter att vara en del av framtidens finansiella innovationer.

Organisationens karriärsidor; information, kvalitet och dynamik
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We make capital markets more transparent and efficient

Thousands of users at the largest banks and institutions, as well as more than 600 listed companies in the Nordics use our products daily.

We have reached this position by building digital tools that actively support business, efficiency and transparency.

We are a growth company run by entrepreneurs and we all have great respect for data quality, user-friendliness and customer service.

Our values

We treat our customers the way we want to be treated – we’re quick and professional in all our contacts, and we aim to exceed expectations

We know time is crucial for our customers. We respect it by responding quickly, and we show sensitivity in every part of the customer journey. A way of working that we are proud of – every day.

We not only generate new ideas, we also see to it that they are implemented – to have the stamina to push through the projects we take on

We are an entrepreneurial company that knows that from ideas and initiatives, we can do things better and even more efficiently. We always praise when someone comes up with a good idea, and we praise even more when they execute it.

We are unpretentious and work as a team – everyone is needed and wants to contribute with their knowledge in order for us to achieve successful results

Each department has its own focus, but we know we can’t do it without each other – an insight reflected in everything we do.

We take responsibility, both today and tomorrow, for our tasks and create a workplace where we challenge ourselves to do a little better every day – where no one is fully trained

Our roles are broad and place high demands on our willingness to constantly develop, individually and with others. We share our knowledge and experiences. We thrive on a large and early responsibility, and we see our workplace as an arena for personal and professional development.

We value our time and our way of working – short decision paths, clear communication and effective meetings

We place high demands on our ability to work quickly and with agility. Therefore, we do not let slow decision paths, unclear communication, or unnecessary meetings hold us back from succeeding with it. We want to create value for our customers – in an efficient way – every day.

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