Work and grow at the forefront of technology

Veoneer is an automotive technology company - the world’s largest pure-play company focused on Advanced Driving Assistance Systems, Collaborative and Automated Driving. We design, develop, manufacture and sell state-of-the-art software, hardware and systems for active safety, autonomous driving, occupant protection and brake control.

We work together as one team, and we employ thousands of the world’s most talented and skilled hardware and software engineers around the world.

Creating trust
Our purpose is to create trust in mobility. To innovate trust, humans and human behavior are at the core of our efforts. We are working on making the world's fastest growing, cutting-edge technologies - like vision systems, radar and lidar - ready for the demands of mass production and real-world use in cars. With a relentless focus on flawless delivery, we deliver 2.5 million products to car manufacturers throughout the world, every week.

Our Beliefs
Our international, agile and highly collaborative teams are driven by our beliefs Burning Curiosity, Passion for Excellence and Bold Honesty.

Committed to You
Our people are purpose-driven and curious. We are pioneers who thrive in response to the new and exciting challenges we face at the forefront of technology. We have the strongest leaders and experts in the field, ready to mentor you and develop your skills and talents.

If you have a curious mind, step our of your comfort zone, challenge yourself, innovate and learn in your everyday work.