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MotivationEinride has been appointed as a Career Company for its groundbreaking role in the transportation sector. By focusing on innovative solutions in autonomous technology and sustainable transport systems, Einride creates a work environment that attracts talented and dedicated employees. With a clear vision to redefine the transport industry, Einride offers its employees the opportunity to be part of a forward-thinking organization and contribute to shaping the future of mobility.

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About Einride

Einride is a freight technology company disrupting the transport sector with an end-to-end solution for electric, digital, autonomous and sustainable freight. Its platform includes connected electric and autonomous heavy-duty vehicles, charging infrastructure and an AI-driven intelligent freight operating system, enabling customers to make a shift to decarbonize their transport operations.

In 2019, Einride became the world’s first company to operate an autonomous, electric freight vehicle on public road. Today, Einride operates one of the largest fleets of heavy-duty electric trucks servicing Global Fortune 500 companies across eight markets. Its vision is to make Earth a better place through intelligent movement.

What we do


Road freight contributes nearly 8% of global emissions, making our mission to transform shipping into a sustainable practice a crucial global effort. Switching from diesel to electric freight can cut CO2 emissions by up to 95%, while also eliminating harmful NOx and other pollutants, particularly in urban areas. Our platform scales electric transport efficiently, offering significant cost reductions and contributing to cleaner air and public health. Einride partners with customers for scaled deployments, identifying routes optimized for electrification throughout the agreement to ensure efficient movement of goods during the transition. Einride has a proven track record of reducing client CO2e emissions by 95% while maintaining a delivery precision of 99.7%.


Einride’s freight mobility platform is the backbone of the digital transformation strategy. It analyzes, optimizes, and provides visibility to customers, maximizing the efficiency of road freight operations. Our platform is essential in helping customers transition from diesel to electric and autonomous road freight. It determines the best routes for electrification and designs a long-term scaling plan. Once onboarded, we manage the electric freight network by integrating and communicating with vehicle fleets, charging infrastructure, and drivers. This ensures optimal routing, charging schedules, and battery health. The platform also delivers real-time insights on emissions, energy usage, and location data, providing recommendations to minimize costs and maximize environmental benefits. By integrating digital solutions, we enable fleets to achieve better uptimes and higher utilization rates, addressing the current average truck utilization of about 20%.


The future of transportation is autonomous. Einride’s autonomous vehicles already operate on
public roads and at customer sites with remote oversight and driving capabilities. Our proprietary five-step framework guides the transition to full autonomy. Levels 1 and 2, which require limited regulatory oversight, cover highly controllable environments like fenced facilities or nearby deliveries on public roads. Level 5 encompasses dense and complex urban environments, representing the pinnacle of our autonomous capabilities. As digital and electric operations scale, the business case for adding autonomous solutions becomes increasingly compelling, unlocking even more efficiencies.


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