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MotivationEvolution är inte bara en arbetsplats, det är en möjlighet att vara en del av en globalt framstående organisation som driver branschen framåt. Med en stark företagskultur som betonar innovation och samarbete ger Evolution sina medarbetare en plattform att utveckla sin kompetens och ta sina karriärer till nya höjder.

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The foundation for Evolution was laid 2006. At a time when online services largely depended on phone modems, live video frames were not much more than a small square on the screen with no sound and the world had yet to hear about a mobile devise called the iPhone, Evolution set out to change the game and deliver high quality live video streaming in to the home.

Almost 20 years later, we pride ourselves for our award-winning product, our advanced software and our exceptionally low video latency. Powered by the entrepreneurial spirit and drive that characterizes the EVOlutioneers, we now have eight successful product brands and technologies in our world-wide group and operate from more than 40 locations around the world.

Sweden hosts our global headquarters as well as two Engineering HUBs, where we currently offer career opportunities for ambitious developers to be part of our world-wide (r)evolution.

The EVO way

Evolution is a product company, a software company, a hardware company – but most of all we are a people company. We operate in the forefront of one of the most fast-moving industries in the world and we are on a quest to shape our industry. In this, we know that every single one of our 20,000 EVOlutioneers counts. Our work motto is simple; every day, every one of us strives to be just a little bit better. We grow as individuals and win as a group.

Learning and giving back

At Evolution, we believe that knowledge is power. We don’t just want to get things done or innovate for the sake of innovating, we want our work to have a purpose and we want to do it well. We like to challenge ourselves and each other as a means to grow and develop. As an employer, we believe that our most important job is to provide a platform, boost and encourage learning, and then empower our teams to take control of their own development.

We use our know-how to support and to give back to the community. Our efforts range from technical equipment and book donations for schools that struggle with resources to lectures and bootcamps where our engineers help aspiring developers into the job market. Sharing is caring in our Evolution, both in terms of means and knowledge.

Diversity as a business strategy

We serve customers all over the world. We believe that we can only do this well if our work force is as diverse as the audience that we serve. The more than 100 nationalities that we have in our teams are key to our success.

We value talent and ambition. Our track record of employees who have built and international career with us is one of our greatest achievements. 45% of our leaders in the two top layers of our organisation are female and the majority of our studio leaders are women. Not because we apply quotation, but simply because of our principle of putting the most qualified candidate in each position.

Changing the Game and building for the future

Evolution is in an intense phase of growth. Our global market is expanding at the speed of light and the demand for our market leading services keeps growing. Our teams grow by the thousands every year and we constantly look for more talent with a great mind, fast feet and a big heart to meet the demand.

We move fast, we opt for excellence, and we work hard but we never forget to care about each other and the world around us.

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Backend Developer - Core Platform

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Backend Developer - Game Server

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Backend Developer - Game Server

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Head of Math and Game Analytics

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Frontend Game Developer

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Site Reliability Engineer

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Virtualization Engineer

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