MotivationIndutrade är en omfattande organisation som trots sin storlek lyckas bibehålla en familjär företagskultur. Det är en spännande arbetsgivare som drar till sig uppmärksamhet med innovation och hållbarhetsarbete. Med en stark medarbetarkultur, känsla för kommunikation och ett stort fokus på kompetens och ledarskapsutveckling har Indutrade etablerat sig som en väldigt attraktiv arbetsgivare.

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Welcome to Indutrade – where people make the difference!

Indutrade has a long-term commitment to ensuring that people and companies grow. We contribute to our own development and that of society at large by giving more people and companies the chance to become part of a business world fuelled by entrepreneurial spirit.

We are an international technology and industrial business group that today consists of around 200 companies in some 30 countries, mainly in Europe. In a decentralised way, we aim to provide sustainable profitable growth by developing and acquiring successful companies managed by
passionate entrepreneurs and their engaged teams.

Our value-based culture, where people make the difference, has been the foundation of our success since the start in 1978.

Why Indutrade?

For us, our people are the key to the Group’s success.

Our company culture guides us from the acquisition phase to how our businesses are run, built and developed in a responsible manner. We are a long-term owner that applies a decentralised business model based on clear values. The core of our company culture is value-based leadership and working at Indutrade or in an Indutrade company involves both freedom, responsibility and self-determination.

Our people

At the Indutrade Group, including our eight business areas, we have functions for Acquisitions, Sustainability, Finance and HR, among others. Our companies vary in size and number of employees, with opportunities to work in close relationships with customers and suppliers. Our companies and their people require a high level of both business and technical expertise in niche areas and solve problems in close cooperation with customers, every day. As a result, the Group works with continuous professional development in technology, sales and leadership. We also believe that sharing ideas, knowledge and experiences across companies develops both businesses and people.

We have over 40 years of experience of growing businesses – in an entrepreneurial world where people make the difference.


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Mechanical Engineer (Mekaniikkasuunnittelija) - Jouka Oy

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Human Resources Manager - Colly Flowtech

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Junior Buyer - Adaero Precision Components

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