MotivationSchibsted s a company with high ambitions that wants to make an impact. At Schibsted  you can develop competence and get the skills needed to achieve your goals. They are experts when it comes to engaging with the younger audience. Their presence at universities is high and we can see that they are well trusted amongst young talents. At Schibsted  you will be a part of a company that is driven by good values and great leadership.

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About us

Schibsted  is a family of digital brands with a strong Nordic position, and more than 5,000 employees. Millions of people enjoy interacting with our companies every day through our online marketplaces such as FINN, Blocket and Oikotie; our media houses including Aftenposten, VG and Aftonbladet; and digital services like Lendo. We also help new promising businesses grow. Our joint mission of empowering people in their daily lives is rooted in the values of our media heritage and a legacy of bold change. At our best, we are a fearless force for change in a society built on trust and transparency.

Work at Schibsted

Working at Schibsted  means having your feet on the street and your eyes and ears open. As curious entrepreneurs and innovators, we thrive on a deep understanding of local behaviours and the future needs of our customers. We’re constantly building new products and services, and we’re looking for people who are ready to make an impact every day.

In a company with over 5000 employees, there are many stories to tell and a lot of knowledge to share. Schibsted Talks takes you on a journey through the company, talking to different people who share their career stories and industry expertise. Listen to our podcast here!


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