MotivationSectra har utvecklat ett enastående employer brand och det märks tydligt att medarbetarna står i fokus. Här finns det gott om spetskompetens och stort engagemang. Sectra har byggt upp en stark företagskultur och en ”Sectra-anda”.  Det här är en arbetsgivare med höga ambitioner där medarbetarna inspirerar varandra.

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This is Sectra

Sectra’s vision is to contribute to a healthier and safer society. Here we explain why we exist as a company, what we do and how we distinguish ourselves from other suppliers.

“I was hired for the person I am and not the skills I had at that time. Since then I feel like I have already developed a lot in the direction I was aiming for and I’m so thankful for Sectra giving us a lot of opportunities to learn and grow.” Julie Desmadryl, Canada

At Sectra, you will be given the opportunity to put your skills to real use, challenge yourself, and make a difference within our society. You will get to work with the coolest products on the market and grow together with the best people in the industry. If you desire to work abroad, Sectra will encourage you to expatriate to one of our subsidiaries around the world. Sectra is full of talented and ambitious employees and we strive to have fun together and cooperate on our daily tasks. Learn more on our career webpage:

“There is a great sense of self-belief, because everyone is given the chance to show their creativity and do things they feel passionate about. We are also always encouraged to develop our own skills and the skills of colleagues.” Anders Hedblom, Sweden

Working at Sectra
Those of us who work at Sectra share a burning enthusiasm for working with products that really make a difference in the world. We are proud to be working not only with cutting-edge technology, but also with products that save lives. We expect that our applicants are well-educated and intelligent but,first and foremost, Sectra employs people for who they are. The most important aspect is that you share our values and have an ability to learn fast.

When technology has a meaning
Many of us at Sectra work here because we feel that technology can help other people. Whether it is used for finding breast cancer in women, or for making the world’s most productive workflow tools for diagnosis of radiological images, or for making innovative digital imaging processing systems for tomorrow’s orthopaedic departments, we feel we can make a difference so that things become better. And we think that deep satisfaction can be felt in knowing that some human being, somewhere out there, now has a better life thanks to our products and our work.

We think that you, who are a potential colleague of ours, share this feeling.

Learn more and see our current career opportunities on our career webpage:


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