Jenny nominated as the HR Manager of the year within employer branding

Jenny Garneij, Chief Human Capital & Communications Officer at Nordnet, is one of the nominees in Talent Excellence Awards 2017 within the category HR Manager of the year within employer branding. Meet Jenny and hear her thoughts about the nomination and about Nordnet’s work within employer branding.

Congratulations Jenny to the nomination, how does it feel?
Thank you, of course it feels both honourable and fun, but at the same time, I would like to take the opportunity and say that this nomination is a result of a great team effort. Without a brilliant team, this would not be possible.

What is your recipe for a successful employer brand?
That the experience of the brand is genuine, at the forefront and filled with the spirit that the organisation has. To get a feeling for the company’s DNA from the very first contact, throughout the recruitment process and during onboarding, creates credibility and connects the inside with the outside. To highlight fantastic employees continuously in social media, have a “story to tell” and interact with candidates on both a personal level and on a professional level. I believe that these aspects are good ingredients.

What makes Nordnet to an attractive employer?
Nordnet is on a unique journey right now. We are building the next generation digital bank and we are creating a world-class customer experience. Since spring, we are bought out from the stock exchange and owned by Nordic Capital and Öhmangruppen. This structure creates possibilities to make both big investments and changes in a short time, and there are many opportunities to develop in a fast pace within our organisation. As a customer at Nordnet, you should feel that you have access to the best financial products and the latest technology within the industry. This ambition has created a fantastic fintech culture within the organisation. Adding to that, we have a warm and prestigeless culture and team spirit, common breakfasts on Fridays and team running exercises…and soon we will be moving to new offices centrally located at Kungsholmen.

To sum up – how do you describe yourself as a manager with three words?
Present, goal-oriented and perceptive.


About Talent Excellence Awards
Talent Excellence Awards is organised annually by Universum in the purpose to highlight Swedish companies’ employer branding towards young professionals. The prize is awarded on the 4th of October at Vasateatern in Stockholm.

Universum is also arranging Sweden’s largest student survey called FöretagsBarometern, which ranks the future dream employer among university students. Nordnet has received several awards from FöretagsBarometern, for example as the “Rocket of the year” three years in a row.

The jury’s motivation
“This person has a solid passion for employer-branding issues and she has pushed them within the organisation without standing in the spotlight herself. In this work, she has shown the breadth of opportunities for young talents in the company. Furthermore, she has always succeeded to get the support for these questions by the management group. This person recognises to the fullest the importance that the company should be an attractive employer and is therefore a great inspirer for others”