Meet developer Viktor

"We make things happen and are not afraid to change what we provide and how we do it." 

Name: Viktor Jakobsson 
Work: Developer, in the LMEClear, which is the clearing project for the London Metal Exchange. Used to be cinCube trainee.
Education: Master of Science in Engineering Physics, Umeå University

Why did you join Cinnober?

I found programming to be the most interesting part of my education, so I wanted to work with complex systems. Cinnober seemed to fit the bill. Furthermore, starting my career with a trainee program felt like a good idea. The chance to work and learn at the same time is a great opportunity.

What do you do here?

Since I started as a trainee, I have tried most things you can do while working in a customer project. I have done manual testing, created automatic tests, programed features, written requirements, worked with our test environments and builds, and deployed software. So it’s a good mix. I think it has given me a better picture of the whole process than if I had only been programming. I still check our test environments at times, but mostly I program new features and fix bugs.

What is typical for this workplace?

A can-do attitude and flexibility. We make things happen and are not afraid to change what we provide and how we do it.

What do you like the most about working here? 

Freedom and responsibility. It feels like my colleagues trust me to get things done and can tell if I need some help. I like how you are encouraged to ask questions and to ask for help if you need it.

What has been your most memorable moment here at Cinnober?

The first time I got to present a feature that I had programmed to our customer at a demo. It was not a huge feature, but that first customer demo was very memorable, even if they have become a bit more mundane since then.