Meet test engineer Rafida

Rafida Sultana

Work: Test Automation Engineer in a clearing project for Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) project.

Education: Master’s degree in Business Administration from University of East London, Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from North South University Bangladesh.

Why did you join Cinnober?

It is a fast growing tech-driven company that provides solutions for many big financial companies in the world. Just what I was looking for! The testing role matched my profile and passion. I was offered an intern role at the beginning, and I was more than happy to take it.

What do you do at Cinnober?

My job is to test the TRADExpress RealTime Clearing solution that we are providing to JSE. I work with the automation part of testing, which means that I write functional tests for the use cases that are derived from the requirements. These tests run in regression during our continuous integration of development work. Besides this, I maintain all the functional tests, investigate failing tests, report bugs, plan for the test week that takes place before our release to the customer (we follow an agile process), and analyze code coverage.

What is typical for this workplace?

The warm and cozy work environment and the pople. You will find highly talented and motivated people working in all different projects and departments. Everyone involved in the project takes responsibility for quality assurance, starting from the project managers, business analysts, developers and, of course, the testers.

What has been your most memorable moment here at Cinnober?

On my first day at Cinnober, I started my training along with two other interns. Gunnar Mjöberg, one of the company founders and a senior engineer, left a bowlful of godis (candies) next to where we were sitting. Friendly-looking colleagues from all over the company came to say hello to us in exchange for the godis. I thought it was the nicest way to meet the people you will soon start working with.