”We already have World Class People”

Meet Patrick, Sales & Marketing Director.

Position: Sales & Marketing Director Europe
Works at Permobil office in: Kerkrade
Years in the company: 6

You have a long history in Permobil. How did you start?
I started at Permobil Europe in January 2006,that was in the role as Sales Manager for Benelux. In February 2007 I got the possibility to prove me as Sales Company Manager for Benelux
We started to build up the company with a small team, but over the years we grew fast and soon became market leader in High End Powered wheelchair solutions on the Dutch market and even the overall market leader in Belgium. And then in 2011 our management asked me to stand up for a new role in Permobil as Sales & Marketing Director Europe.

What do you like about your role in Permobil?
For me as person it is great opportunity to raise my knowledge in an International setting but also to use my understanding on how to best approach the variations you will find in the different countries belonging to the European region.

In Permobil's vision we strive to reach our goals thru World Class People, Quality and Innovation. When or how would you say that you and your colleagues contribute to that?
I would say we already have World Class People in our countries so there is a very good base to build on.
Quality is on a High Level and we need to assure that this will be even better in the future. For that we have the team at Head Quarters.
Innovation is very important when you want to stay ahead in this business. With our new product M400 and Corpus 3G we have once again proved that we are up and running and I know that there is more to come.

How do you think Permobil empowers people as an employer?
We get the possibility to grow in the company, with a lot of freedom to run our business on a local level.

What do you like most about your job?
Freedom and the possibility to develop the role I know have together with my colleagues.

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