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EMEA graduate program

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Experience a world of diversity: Your 18 Month Development Program

First 6 months For the first 6 months, you are assigned a real project to deliver, along with clear objectives and expected outcomes. A line manager provides close support to help you achieve the required objectives. Regular support and progress meetings, ideally weekly, are organised to ensure you are fully supported, have the information you need and can make independent decisions. Meeting frequency can fall over the placement period, depending on progress. If the designated line manager is regularly out of the office, a deputy with a clear understanding of your objectives is assigned.

3 month international placement

You will undertake a 3 month international secondment after 6 months with the business. The planning phase for these placements starts in November / December. Placements are determined by the VP HR EMEA. However, local HR Directors will seek your feedback to gauge areas of interest. At the secondment‘s end, a follow-up meeting is organised by the VP HR EMEA. It will include the opportunity for you to provide feedback on your experiences during the placement, as well as receive business updates from the management team. Full details will be provided at the appropriate time. The location of the event within EMEA will vary for each intake.

9 month final placement

You return to your HOME unit for your final placement. However, the project may be different. The HOME line manager is responsible for setting project objectives and providing support. The project identified will be more stretching than the first and will include an opportunity for you to put into practice new skills acquired during your international secondment. In some cases, a different location/business unit may be considered.

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