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Valio Trainee program


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The Valio Trainee program is intended for graduate and newly graduated university students. It includes comprehensive orientation and strong support from colleagues, diverse assignments, training, mentoring, study trips, and visits. After the program is finished, your Valio career will continue in permanent employment.

The Valio Trainee program is designed for Master’s degree students and recent university graduates. However, those who have graduated a few years ago or have already acquired work experience are also eligible to apply. As a trainee, you will start your Valio career with an entry-level role and move forward to a more experienced position later during your trainee year.

Our recruitment process is handled online. Please send your applications by May 20th. After receiving all the applications, we will invite the most suitable candidates for a video interview later in May. The process will also include psychological skill and suitability tests. We will inform all applicants about our selections during June.

Your role will be diverse and daily tasks and responsibilities depend on your position. The program includes comprehensive onboarding, training sessions, workshops, mentoring, and excursions (if the pandemic situation allows). As a trainee, you will be introduced to your future expert role, different projects, and tasks for example in production and sales – depending on your experience and know-how.

The program starts with a collective kick-off event. Trainees will also come together mid-program to change thoughts and check their goals. The program culminates in a closing ceremony, where learnings throughout the year are shared and evaluated.

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