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Cryptoholics Scholarship

Cryptoholics Scholarship

Cryptoholics.com are inviting students from colleges and universities in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Spain, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Australia, India, Argentina and Brazil to apply for our yearly scholarship of $500 in total per year. The scholarship is offered to students who write a bachelor or master thesis, or are studying abroad. Application period is 30th of April till October 31st every year. 

Cryptoholics is a comparison platform for cryptocurrencies and crypto exchanges which is owned by C.N DIGITAL AB. In 2022 we started offering a scholarship with the intention of widening the industry-wide knowledge around blockchain, cryptocurrencies, finances, economics and personal finance. We believe blockchain and cryptocurrencies will drive and solve real-world problems, and academia is part of this development. 

We constantly strive to deliver cohesive and expert based content which is easy to understand and up to date. To expand our contribution, we want to support the students interested in writing a thesis financially. All students, regardless of university or country (limited to those mentioned above), are welcome to apply. 

Cryptoholics Yearly Scholarship: $500, application open 30th of April – 31st of October.

How do I apply?

  • You study at a University or College
  • You are writing a master thesis, or will study abroad (scholarship can cover some expenses added to this)
  • Your education or thesis will touch upon the topics previously mentioned; blockchain, cryptocurrencies, economics or personal finance.
  • Your education or thesis will be completed the same year as the application is made.
  • The scholarship can be applied in the following countries: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Australia, India, Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Iceland and Sweden.

Process to apply

To apply for the scholarship, please first make sure that you fit the requirements listed above. We automatically sort out any application that does not meet these requirements. Last application date is the 31st of October, but selection of candidates is done from April the 30th. We only accept applications made via our external form which you can find here (click here).

How the selection is made

Together with the experts connected to Cryptoholics.com, a selection is made by a collective jury during the month of November, the same year as application is made. The decision cannot be appealed. Before the payment is made, proof of enrolment is required. Winner and thesis can be published on Cryptoholics.com with approval from the scholar. 

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