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MotivationPerstorp är en etablerad arbetsgivare som erbjuder goda karriärmöjligheter för studenter. Här kan man utvecklas och få bra stöd i sin karriär, Perstorp har till och med ett eget gymnasium. Med sin känsla för kommunikation har de byggt upp ett starkt employer brand och tar därmed tar en tydlig position som en attraktiv arbetsgivare.

Organisationens karriärsidor; information, kvalitet och dynamik
Attraktivitet som arbetsgivare i externa mätningar
Aktiviteter gentemot studenter och yrkesverksamma akademiker
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Thoughtful chemistry

We are committed to thoughtful chemistry in everything we do, and aim to lead the way for others – partnering with like-minded people to reach further.


Care – Lead with heart
Responsibility – Do right
Reliability – Keep the promise
Focused Innovation – Make it better

Why work here

We are a Swedish, global family of scientists, engineers and business professionals with a track record of more than 140 years in pursuing sustainable progress. We firmly believe that every individual, every action, every product, every little thing we do can change things. We offer a wide range of exciting opportunities in a variety of career areas.

Although we have operations in many countries, we are still considered a relatively small company. This means that you don’t need to worry about being anonymous – at Perstorp your performance will be noticed and it really counts.

An innovative and sustainable company that puts safety first for its employees

Sustainability is a priority for Perstorp. Through continuous and focused innovation for the environment, health and safety of our processes and products, we have built a reputation in the industry of being at the forefront of sustainability. At Perstorp all employees are given the opportunity to perform to their full potential in a healthy and safe environment. We make no compromises when it comes health or safety to increase business performance.

Constant development and opportunities for growth

At Perstorp you have room to grow, challenge and learn. Thanks to our global presence, you have the opportunity to work with cross-functional teams and connect with people across the globe. Although we have operations in many different countries, we are still considered a small company, which means that each employee can make a real difference. If you are as excited by chemistry, technology and creating value through innovations as we are – we want to hear from you!


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